From principle to application: Master knowledge of plastic granulators


From principle to application: Master knowledge of plastic granulators

Performance improvement and future prospects of plastic granulators
Jiantai Plastic Machinery is one of the leading domestic enterprises in the production of plastic granulators. We have accumulated years of experience in this business and have been committed to continuously improving the performance of plastic granulators. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the plastic industry and the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, the market demand for plastic granulators has become increasingly popular, and the industry has broad development prospects.
In the process of producing plastic granulators, Jiantai Plastic Machinery is committed to continuously developing new technologies, launching new brands, improving product performance through continuous innovation, enhancing market competitiveness, and adapting to changes in market demand.
The performance improvement of plastic granulators is mainly achieved through technological progress and the application of new materials. In terms of technology, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has trained a group of skilled and experienced engineers and research and development teams. They continuously explore new production processes and technologies, improve the production efficiency and performance indicators of granulators, and have developed some environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and high-efficiency new plastic granulators.
At the same time, in terms of the application of new materials, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has also continuously developed and adopted materials with more stable performance and more environmentally friendly materials, such as using high-strength stainless steel, improving tool materials, and improving ratio accuracy. While continuously improving its products, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has also launched a series of services to solve problems encountered by customers during use, establishing a high-quality after-sales service system.
In the future, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and technological level, the plastic industry will have higher requirements to solve problems such as “plastic pollution”. In this situation, plastic granulators will become essential equipment and market demand will continue to increase. As a leading enterprise, Jiantai Plastic Machinery will continuously develop new technologies and launch more efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving plastic granulator products to meet market demand and continuously enhance industry competitiveness. At the same time, Jiantai Plastic Machinery will also focus on industry exchanges and cooperate with relevant enterprises to jointly promote the progress of the plastic granulator industry.
In short, under the promotion of Jiantai Plastic Machinery, the improvement of plastic granulator performance and future development prospects are worth looking forward to.
Innovation and Development Trends of Plastic Granulation Technology
In recent years, plastic granulation technology has undergone many innovations and developments, making the plastic manufacturing process more efficient and environmentally friendly. Among them, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has become a leader in this field with its advanced technology and high-quality equipment.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more production enterprises choose to use recycled plastics to manufacture various products. This has promoted the development of plastic granulation technology. Jiantai Plastic Machinery is also in line with this trend, providing customers with high-speed, efficient, and high purity equipment.
Firstly, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has developed a new type of plastic granulator. The granulation material produced by this model is purer and more uniform in quality, and the amount of dust generated is less. The development of this model has effectively improved the efficiency and quality of plastic granulation.
Secondly, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has developed a new type of plastic separation technology, which separates a chaotic mixture of materials into a single pure substance. This technology makes the plastic manufacturing process more environmentally friendly and improves the efficiency of recycling.
Finally, the heat treatment, pressure injection molding, CNC machining and other technologies of Jiantai Plastic Machinery have also made important contributions to the development of plastic granulation technology. With the continuous innovation of technology, Jiantai Plastic Machinery will also continuously update and upgrade its own equipment.
Overall, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has become an industry leader in the innovation and development of plastic granulation technology with its professional, efficient, and environmentally friendly quality. In the future, Jiantai Plastic Machinery will continue to promote the development of plastic granulation technology and provide customers with higher quality products and services.
Basic points for maintenance of plastic granulator
In the production process of plastic granulators, maintenance is a very important step. Only by regularly maintaining and repairing the equipment can the stability and normal operation of the plastic granulator be guaranteed, and existing problems can be discovered and solved in a timely manner to avoid malfunctions and losses during the production process.
Jiantai Plastic Machinery focuses on the development and production of plastic machinery, providing customers with high-quality plastic granulators. Here, we share some basic points for the maintenance and upkeep of plastic granulators to provide users with some guidance.

  1. Daily cleaning and inspection
    Before and after switching materials or production, the plastic granulator should be thoroughly cleaned, including cleaning and inspection of the body and internal components. Pay attention to removing small dirt such as gaps in the equipment and inside the mold head, especially when cleaning various filters, which is crucial to ensure the operation quality of the plastic granulator and the quality of the product.
  2. Correct lubrication and maintenance
    The lubrication and maintenance of plastic granulators is an important link to ensure the normal operation of equipment and eliminate noise. Regularly check the lubrication of various parts of the equipment and add lubricating oil to avoid wear and failure during long-term operation. The selection of lubricating oil should be based on the operating environment and requirements of the equipment, and it is usually recommended to replace it every two weeks.
  3. Regular maintenance and upkeep
    In addition to regular cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance, plastic granulators also require regular maintenance and repair in order to promptly identify and solve equipment problems. Check the combination, rust, wear, damage, bending, and other conditions of various parts of the equipment. If problems occur, they need to be replaced and repaired in a timely manner.
  4. Reasonable usage method
    To maintain the plastic granulator, it is also necessary to use the equipment reasonably. The daily usage time should not be too long to avoid human damage and excessive equipment load. Excessive power consumption can also affect the lifespan of the equipment. Before production, it is necessary to fully understand the performance of raw materials, determine appropriate operating methods and environments, and avoid equipment problems and damage caused by improper operation.
    In short, Jiantai Plastic Machinery reminds users to pay attention to regular maintenance and operation according to key points during the use of plastic granulators. This can ensure the normal production of equipment, improve production efficiency, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
    Classification and corresponding characteristics of plastic granulators
    Plastic granulator is a commonly used equipment in the production process of plastic products, which can convert various plastic raw materials into granules for easy reuse. With the development of the market, different types of plastic granulators have also emerged, and Jiantai Plastic Machinery is one of the best among them.
    At present, the common plastic granulators in the market are divided into single screw granulators and double screw granulators. The single screw granulator is mainly suitable for processing thermoplastic raw materials. Its granulation speed is fast, but it cannot completely solve the dispersion problem during the mixing process. The twin screw granulator can effectively improve the mixing and dispersion problem, and is suitable for processing polymer materials with superior granulation quality.
    In the product line of Jiantai Plastic Machinery, the flagship model of the single screw granulator is the PTS series, which adopts an advanced screw structure and can achieve higher production efficiency. The twin screw granulator is represented by the PTSH series, which can perfectly solve the problem of polymer material mixing and dispersion, and can produce more uniform and smaller particle size products.
    In addition, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has also launched various types of granulators, including water ring granulators and extrusion granulators, to meet different production needs. The water ring granulator is suitable for producing high transparency and quality particles, while the extrusion granulator is mainly suitable for large-scale batch production.
    Overall, different types of plastic granulators have their own advantages and disadvantages, and selecting a suitable granulator requires consideration based on actual production needs and raw material characteristics. As a leading brand in the industry, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has gained recognition and trust from a large number of customers with its advanced technology and professional services.
    The importance of plastic granulator in plastic recycling
    Plastic granulator is one of the important equipment in the process of plastic recycling. Jiantai Plastic Machinery, as a professional manufacturer of plastic granulators, has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and comprehensive services.
    Plastic granulators can process plastic waste into granules for easy reuse. In today’s constantly improving environmental awareness, plastic granulators have played an important role in achieving the recycling and utilization of plastic waste. In addition, plastic granulators can also process new plastics, providing enterprises with more production materials. Therefore, plastic granulators play an important role in the plastic industry.
    As a manufacturer with many years of production experience, Jiantai Plastic Machinery focuses on production processes and quality control to ensure product quality. Realizing the recycling of plastic waste not only reduces pollution, but also saves resources, bringing practical benefits to both enterprises and society.
    In the future, Jiantai Plastic Machinery will continue to innovate, provide better products and services to customers, and make greater contributions to the plastic recycling industry.

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