Manufacturing Industry First Choice: How to Optimize Production Processes and Choose the Most Suitable Plastic Extruder


Manufacturing Industry First Choice: How to Optimize Production Processes and Choose the Most Suitable Plastic Extruder

Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Characteristics of Plastic Extruder
Jiantai Plastic Machinery, as a professional manufacturer of plastic extruders, has been committed to research and development work on environmental protection and energy conservation. From the selection of raw materials to the control of the production process, we always adhere to the concept of green development.
Firstly, we have adopted multiple environmentally friendly technologies in the design of plastic extruders. For example, using frequency conversion technology can reduce energy consumption by more than 30% while reducing environmental pollution. Adopting efficient and energy-saving motors combined with electronic transformers not only ensures efficient production of equipment, but also saves energy. In addition, our equipment also adopts a closed water cooling system to reduce water waste and pollution.
Secondly, we focus on using environmentally friendly raw materials. Our extruder is suitable for processing various plastic raw materials, including environmentally friendly plastics. We encourage customers to use environmentally friendly materials, and at the same time, we will continue to develop more environmentally friendly and safer raw materials.
Finally, we also paid attention to the disposal of waste during the production process and adopted appropriate methods for waste reuse. The growing amount of industrial waste is becoming an increasingly important issue, and we treat it in innovative ways that not only protect the environment, but also save energy and reduce costs.
In summary, while ensuring quality and efficiency, Jiantai Plastic Machinery actively promotes environmental protection and energy conservation, making important contributions to promoting green manufacturing.
Improving production efficiency and quality through automation transformation
Jiante Plastic Machinery is a company specializing in plastic mold equipment and production automation. In recent years, against the backdrop of global manufacturing transformation and upgrading, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has closely followed the pace of the times, actively exploring cutting-edge technologies for automation transformation, and helping enterprises improve production efficiency and quality.
Automation transformation refers to the technological transformation and production process optimization of traditional manufacturing enterprises that do not have automated production capabilities by introducing advanced complete sets of automatic production equipment and systems, achieving the automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligent upgrading of production lines. The automation transformation has brought about a significant improvement in the production efficiency and management level of traditional manufacturing enterprises, while also making enterprises more adaptable to market changes and diversified customer needs.
As a leader in the industry, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has gained deep market recognition and industry praise. Its automation transformation technology and applications have brought us profound inspiration and beneficial references. With years of experience and technical strength, Jiantai Company has comprehensively planned and transformed the original production process, and introduced multiple CNC production equipment and automated production lines with independent intellectual property rights, achieving full chain visualization, intelligent and data-driven management of the production process.
The successful practice of automation transformation at Jiantai Company not only improves its production efficiency, but also brings new ideas and methods to the entire industry. In order to better face fierce market competition, enterprises need to upgrade themselves and enhance their competitiveness through automation transformation. Through automation transformation, enterprises can achieve multiple goals such as increasing production speed, reducing labor costs, and improving product quality.
In short, in order for enterprises to adapt to the needs of market changes, they must learn automation transformation, continuously absorb advanced technology and management concepts, actively promote intelligent production, and improve their own added value. The successful case of Jiantai Plastic Machinery provides us with useful reference and inspiration. We have reason to believe that Jiantai Company will become our leader and partner on the road of automation transformation.
How to deal with common problems and malfunctions in the production of plastic extruders
In recent years, with the widespread application of various plastic products, plastic extruders have been widely used in production. However, in the production process, there are often some problems and malfunctions that bring considerable troubles to production. This article will introduce some common problems and malfunctions of Jiantai plastic machinery, and provide solutions for reference.
1、 Extruder blockage
Extruder blockage is one of the common problems in product production, which may be caused by high temperature, high storage rate, or too small material receiving port. Solve this problem by adjusting the temperature, storage rate, and receiving port. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning the accumulated material and stainless steel filter mesh in all parts to ensure a smooth material supply.
2、 Material loss of control
In the production of extruders, due to the inherent characteristics of the processed materials, there is often a problem of material loss of control, manifested as non adhesion of materials, poor plasticity, and so on. The solution to these problems is to adjust the temperature, pressure, and speed, while ensuring the quality and purity of the processed materials.
3、 Extruder overheating
When the extruder runs for too long or the external temperature is too high, the operating temperature of the extruder may be too high. This will have a negative impact on the quality of the product. The solution to this problem is to reduce the temperature of the extruder in a timely manner while ensuring a rapid cooling process.
4、 Extruder wear
Long term use can cause wear and tear on some parts of the extruder, such as screws, barrels, etc. This will affect the service life and production efficiency of the extruder. The solution to this problem is to choose high-quality components, regularly maintain and replace necessary parts.
In summary, problems and malfunctions in extruder production are unavoidable, but they can be reduced by adjusting operating methods, maintaining equipment, and selecting extruders that meet production requirements. As a manufacturer of plastic extruders, Jiantai Plastic Machinery has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality equipment and professional technical support, helping them solve various problems and malfunctions in production.
Quality Control and Testing Technology of Plastic Extruder
With the continuous development of the plastic product market, plastic extruders have become essential equipment in the production process. However, the quality control and testing technology of plastic extruders is not a problem that can be easily solved. This article will explore the quality control and testing technology of Jiantai Plastic Machinery.
The quality control and testing technology of Jiantai Plastic Machinery mainly includes two aspects: first, quality control during the production process, and second, testing before the product leaves the factory.
During the production process, Jiantai Plastic Machinery adopts advanced production processes and strict quality control systems, ensuring the stable quality of the produced extruders. Under such a strict quality control system, each plastic extruder needs to undergo necessary testing and trial operation before leaving the factory to ensure stable operation and excellent performance of the machine.
During the inspection process before the product leaves the factory, Jiantai Plastic Machinery pays special attention to technical supervision and after-sales service system. During the production process, Jiantai will conduct different types of testing on the produced extruders based on customer needs and product specifications, including performance testing, electrical testing, safety testing, and appearance testing. Jiantai Plastic Machinery also excels in after-sales service to ensure that there are no faults caused by non human factors during the customer’s use after purchase.
Overall, the quality control and testing technology of Jiantai Plastic Machinery has always been in a leading position in the extruder industry. Jiantai continuously introduces new technological means and production processes, and continuously innovates, providing assurance for the production of each extruder. In the future development process, Jiantai will continue to focus on technological research and quality control, providing customers with more efficient, stable, and reliable products.
The difference and selection between plastic profile extruder and plastic pipe extruder
Jiantai Plastic Machinery is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer that provides various plastic profile extruders and plastic pipe extruders. When using plastic extruders, we need to choose products that are suitable for our production needs based on specific circumstances, including the differences and choices between plastic profile extruders and plastic pipe extruders.
The plastic profile extruder is mainly used to produce various high-strength and high plasticity plastic products, such as PVC pipes, door and window profiles, flooring materials, wire ducts, etc. Usually, plastic profile extruders are more complex and advanced than plastic pipe extruders, requiring higher control technology and production capacity, which also means that their prices are higher. Therefore, if you need to produce high strength and high plasticity products, you should prioritize choosing plastic profile extruders.
In contrast, plastic pipe extruders are more suitable for producing various tubular plastic products, such as PVC water pipes, PE drainage pipes, PP plastic pipes, PA pipes, etc. Generally speaking, plastic pipe extruders have simpler control, lower energy consumption, higher production efficiency, and lower prices than plastic profile extruders. Therefore, if you need to produce various tubular plastic products, you should prioritize choosing a plastic pipe extruder.
It should be pointed out that selecting a plastic extruder suitable for one’s own production needs not only requires considering product types and production capacity, but also evaluating factors such as one’s own production scale, cost, and production efficiency. Jiantai Plastic Machinery provides high-quality plastic extruders. Whether you choose plastic profile extruders or plastic pipe extruders, we can provide professional consultation and high-quality after-sales service to help you easily achieve efficient and low-cost production.

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