Plastic shredders

Multi-model Heavy Crusher



Single-shaft shredders are suitable for processing waste that other types of shredders cannot cut.
Scrap that is very large in size or that is resistant to the cutting action of other types of crushers and shredders can be recycled with a single shaft shredder.
The small rotating blades of a single-shaft shredder tear a small piece of material with each pass.
In this way, difficult-to-machine materials can be easily and efficiently reduced in size.
They are very strong in construction and last longer.
Single shaft shredders are equipped with screens. By replacing the sieve with the appropriate aperture, the particle size of the output material can be determined.


Motor Power15kw*222KW*230KW*237KWx2
Crushing chamber size600*400mm800*700mm1000*800mm1200*800mm
Number of rotary knives24*224*225*230*2
knife thickness25mm35mm40mm40mm
machine weight2800KG4000KG4600KG5000KG
Machine sizeL3200*W1400*H1800mmL3600*W1600*H2000mmL3800*W1800*H2600mmL3800*W1800*H2800mm


Main features of double shaft shredder
Low-speed high-torque technology, made of high-strength alloy steel, even when processing hard materials such as metal, the tool is not easy to wear. The upper and lower split chambers allow for easy and quick removal of the entire arbor (shaft, blades, bearings, seals). At the same time, the upper and lower split wear-resistant plates are attached to the inner end surface of the bearing, which is easy to replace.
The design of the feeding hopper helps the cutter bite into the crushed material faster at the best position.
 Designed with overload protection system. The rotary claw knife inside the machine is very sharp. When crushing hard-to-break items, if overload occurs, the equipment will activate the protection device, the machine will automatically reverse, and then automatically rotate forward to continue crushing.
Emergency stop button design. During the operation of the equipment, in case of emergency such as abnormal machine movement, abnormal smell or abnormal sound or other accidents, you can immediately press the emergency stop button to stop.
Designed with strong torsion-resistant box-shaped welded frame, bottom collecting hopper, etc.
The crushing chamber is designed with a semi-closed feeding bin to prevent materials from splashing during the crushing process.
The fixed knife comb acts as a material guide to prevent the chopped material from being brought back to the cleaning blade.
Main composition and description
Frame: The frame is a strong torsion-resistant box-shaped welded structure composed of square tubes and plates, which mainly play the role of support and torsion resistance.
Hydraulic system: provide power for the pressing mechanism (the materials shredded by your company do not need a pressing device).
Chassis: It adopts a box-shaped frame welded structure to make the equipment run more smoothly. At the same time, the bearing position is designed as an upper and lower split type, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.
Transmission device: It adopts planetary gear reducer, famous brand motor and famous brand bearing, and transmits torque through splines.
Feeding hopper: Plates, square pipes, and round steel are welded into a trumpet shape, so that materials can fall onto the knife roller.
 Knife roller: Two sets of similar spiral knife shafts rotate in opposite directions.

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