• Double shaft shredders have two parallel shafts fitted with an array of cutters that rotate in opposite directions and intermesh. This allows for high throughput shredding.
  • An 800 double shaft shredder generally indicates the cutting chamber is 800mm wide. Common sizes range from 600-1200mm.
  • These industrial shredders are heavily constructed, often over 10 tons, to handle large pieces of dense materials. Common materials are plastics, wood, paper, tires, metals, and e-waste.
  • They are typically used as the initial coarse shredding step in a multi-stage size reduction process. The output is usually 50-300mm pieces.
  • An 800 shredder can typically process 5-50 tons per hour depending on the material and desired output size.
  • After coarse shredding, the material often goes through additional shredders, granulators, or grinders for fine crushing into powders or small granules under 10mm.
  • Key components of double shaft shredders are the cutters, shafts, bearings, drive system (electric or hydraulic), hopper, and discharge system. Proper maintenance is critical.
  • They are normally equipped with features for safety and noise/dust reduction. Explosion protection is critical when shredding combustible materials.

Metal Shredders